Larafied - Classified Ads and directory Laravel Application

Larafied - Classified Ads and directory Laravel Application

Fast and fully extendable, Larafied is a Laravel 5.7 based application built for directories and classified ads websites. Its frontend it's buil on Core UI and Bootstrap framework and  offers the best UI experience on every device.

It has a pretty configurable admin and most of all can be extend to any requirements you may have.

Its built in credit system makes it very easy for you and your users to control their actions on your application. You can setup a monthly credit reward which is given every month to every users as a reward for using your app. Also can setup the cost for adding an ad and the cost for promoting an ad as well as the promoting interval.

It has Paypal Express Checkout already integrated but  you may extend the payment option to any choices you may have.

Among other great featured integrated we have user reviews, user messages with mail and in-app notification, encrypted phone number,  different types of fields customized for each category. You have 3 level categories which for most of any type of application is more than enough.  

So far to get you going , this is what you get:

  • Private Messaging System with notifications and email
  • Notification System
  • Reports
  • Custom Fields settable on category basis
  • Different custom fields type, such as text,date,range,checkbox,select, requirements,facilities,.
  • Facebook Login integrated
  • Google Recaptcha on auth forms, switchable on/off from admin
  • Set your own admin path
  • Blog, Pages and Tags
  • Credits System, configurable from admin.
  • Payments integrated with Credits System
  • User Reviews
  • Public seller page
  • Dynamic Filtering
  • Stunning template running great on all devices
  • Right to deletetion as GDPR alliance
  • Configurable notifications as GDPR alliance
  • Locations, with country, state and city and a prefilled db with over 40000 entries
  • Currencies
  • Saved Ads
  • Featured Ads
  • User credit usage log
  • User Tags, usable as areas of interest when building user directory
  • All the Laravel goodies

Please note that this is a base application and it requires a minimum of knowledge of server setup in order to install it on your own server.It's specially design as a fast starting point , so if you're a beginner you might need a dev setting things up to your taste.

LARAFIED 11.09.2018